We hope this finds you, your family, and your dealership healthy and well. This has undeniably been a challenging year for everyone.

The current outbreak of COVID-19 has globally resulted in business closures, restrictions on travel, and widespread cancellation of social gatherings. Companies can no longer assume the future will look like the past. Unfortunately, the ever changing and evolving restrictions caused by the COVID-19 health crisis has put the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Championships program under enormous constraints. With that, we are saddened to inform you and it is with great regret that this program has been cancelled indefinitely.

The safety of our valued customers and all our guests has been our highest priority throughout the pandemic. In addition to the limitations placed on conducting these events due to the pandemic, dealership program participation has declined over the last several years. Each year the number of golf tournaments able to be hosted is capped at 110 events. While participation was enthusiastic with many dealers hosting multiple tournaments within a program year, when compared to the overall dealer network, engagement has been decreasing. In 2018, only 65 unique dealers participated in the program and 57 dealers in 2019.

After much consideration this outcome was not taken lightly by Mercedes-Benz USA.

We thank you for all your support and understanding.

Best, Mercedes-Benz USA